Parental love is one of the purest forms of love. The bond between a mother and her child is priceless, and so is the father and the child’s love. Our parents love us unconditionally, witnesses the physical, emotional, and social development of the child. It is a unique bond which is been shared by a child and parent since their birth. This relationship plays an important role in a child’s growth, personality development, life choices, and overall behavior. There is a sense of trust and support between them, this bond producers oxytocin, causing a child to feel more positive emotions. It is really important for kids/teens to understand that the expectations and rules set by the parents are coming out of their parent’s love and concern for them. The protective and unconditional bond between the parent and the child. Parents should always keep in mind that the generation gap will always exist between them and the child should be treated accordingly. This bond is not a chosen one it is a boundless and inborn bond.

There would be a time of your life when no one will stand beside you, but your parents will never leave your side but your parents would never leave your side in any matter and always support you. Parents always think about their kids’ good. They always motivate their kids to succeed in their lives and live their life to the fullest. They teach us good values, good manners and teach us to be good citizens.

Parents love is unconditional, they accept, love can show affection to their child, even if they have mistaken are falling short of expectations. It is a no string attached form of love.  They love their children no matter and expect the child to respect them.

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