Designed and invented by Dr Sheldon Cooper from the famous TV show The Big Bang Theory, a relationship agreement is a set of rules made in satisfaction to both the partners. At the beginning of a relationship, couples ignore the things that bother them about each other. They hide it so that there isn’t any fight. But we all keeping things bottled up inside you triggers some time in the future and makes the argument worse. This is why being open and communicating properly with your partner is essential. But if you don’t, a thorough relationship agreement can be established between both parties to respect their feelings.

To design the agreement, you can write the rules on a paper or type and print on a computer. Both the partners will list all the things that bother them about the other and ask them to stop doing so in the agreement. Sheldon mentioned a clause in his relationship with his girlfriend Amy, that she has to laugh on all his jokes and she follows it. Similarly, you can mention all your views and points and read in the presence of each other and sign it if you agree.

This helps both the partners to point out the agreement if anyone one of them violates any of the clause mentioned in the agreement. And since it all written and signed and agreed by both parties, there is no long argument or a lot of fighting. But only mention the things that actually bother you, don’t try to take revenge or be selfish to get your way. Both must sacrifice something or the other, maintain a balance. You are in love after all not enemies! And in future, if you find your partner violating the agreement, make sure to mention it humbly. Bringing up the agreement, again and again, to feel good can be irritating for your partner.

This agreement is designed to avoid fights, not be a reason for one!