Tobacco smoking is a practice. Smoking is a difficult habit to break since tobacco contains a very addictive chemical name called nicotine. People start smoking for different reasons but get addicted to it and the smoke it out anyway. Smoking leads to less oxygen delivered to the body cells and the heart and lungs. The decrease in the supply of oxygen will reduce the smoker’s physical health. It will also make your heart weak and you won’t be able to do daily exercises or even the smallest thing like climbing the work staircase. Smoking causes both immediate and long term effects on your life. Smoking damages most of the organs of your body and increases the risk of cancer and heart.

There are various effects of smoking. Here below are few effects of smoking on health and fitness-

  • Less impact on the body from the daily fitness training-

It is observed that smokers have low physical endurance and performance compared to non-smoking people. They experience coughing and frequency severe respiratory illnesses. They tend to have respiratory injuries and it’s difficult for them to return to fitness training after that.

  • Less muscular strength and flexibility-

Smoking results in weakness of muscles and many organs of the body, because of which strength and flexibility are decreased with time as well. They are always sought and unable to do there daily exercises intend to lose all their strength quickly.

  • Disturbed sleep or no sleep-

They have a disturbed sleep pattern, sleepless nights, and sleepy days. They always feel tired and stressed out if they are not smoking. Smoking is addictive and it takes a lot of time to give it up.

  • Suffer from breathing issues-

The risk of shortness of breath is higher in the case of smokers. Smoking damages the lungs and hence uneven breathing patterns are observed. There is an increased risk of lung infection and symptoms such as coughing. Also has permanent damage to the air sacs.

  • Effects on the immune system-

Smoking affects the immune system of the body which includes greater infections like pneumonia, lung cancer, etc. It also lowers vitamin C, antioxidants in the blood.