‘A simple hug can make all the problems go away’. We must all have heard this fact at least once in our life. When someone close to us is not feeling good about something or is sad, talking to and making them feel that they are not alone can be very helpful. But sometimes the sorrow is just too big for a simple talk to make it better. You might need to do more than that. You can bring them their favorite food, take them shopping, buy them a gift and slowly you will notice it is affecting their mood to become better and better. Another way is to support and comfort the affected person with physical gestures. The same kind of gesture as of when a father kisses his kids goodnight and makes them feel protected. Such comforting acts can be very beneficial to help calm a stressed person.

Here are some types of gestures you can try to make someone feel better: –

  • Hugs – Comforting hugs have to be on the number one in the list when it comes to calm someone down. You basically wrap your arms around the person, telling him or her that they are protected and have full support from you no matter what. It makes them feel safer and important.
  • Forehead kiss – A kiss on the forehead is far more valuable than a kiss on the lips. It is a sign of affection and care. It expresses your deepest concerns toward the person. You can have a nice healthy talk to calm down the stressed person and end the conversation with a forehead kiss. This tells them that you meant every word you said and weren’t saying it just to make them feel better.
  • Holding hand – If you want to show or express your feelings to someone, holding their hands while doing so gives it a greater impact. It provides warmth and allows them to take you seriously. Every word you say while holding hands goes straight to the person’s heart.
  • Cuddling or spooning – If the depressed person is your partner or young child, cuddling them and providing support can be helpful. Just like a mother provides protection and displays affection towards her newborn by cuddling, you can express how much you care about them and love them. This will provide them with some inner peace.
  • Neck or Back massage – This gesture figuratively and literally provides comfort and releases stress from a person. It helps the sad individual’s muscles to relax and brings them improved sleep. They forget about their stress for the time being and just focus on enjoying the massage.
  • Stroking the head or hair – Placing the hand on someone’s head and gently stroking it can provide great soothing. You can also wave your hand through the person’s hair. It makes them feel special and cared.

Use these gestures to comfort and soothe someone who is in pain and suffering. Make sure that the person is comfortable with you performing a particular gesture on them. For example, you can’t offer a cuddle to your friend or a hug to a stranger in distress. Use these gestures to calm the close and loved ones in your life.