First dates?

What are your feels about it?

Definitely, first dates are really a task to carry out. We are scared and nervous. First dates are usually awkward, nerve-wracking, exciting and all mixed feels. We are very much concerned about the first impression we would have in front of them. How we would seem to the person in front of us is important when we are willing to look forward to meeting them often after that day. First dates can be fancy as the candle-lit dinner or can be as simple as a coffee date, depends on how your bond or efforts are. However, the date is, what you talk about plays an important role in your first impression. What questions you ask is important when you want your conversation to go long and to have an interesting conversation.

 Here are a few questions you can ask your partner on your date so that you have a positive impact and have a great first date.

  • “What are your views about me?”

Ask them this question, ask them what they feel about you, likes and dislikes about you, maybe some odd things about you, ask them their overall outlook about them.

  • “What are your future goals?”

Asking about future goals is always a good topic, you share with each other regarding your career goals, love goals, and what are your ultimate life goals in their life.

  • “What are the things that bug you?”

Ask them what irritates them in their daily life, what is necessarily their to avoid by them in their day to day life. This will give you a hint of how to avoid those things when you are talking to them.

  • “What’s something you are proud of?”

Ask them what they are proud of in their life. Ask them how and what they did for achieving it.

  • “What is your favorite place in the world?”

Asking them their favorite place on earth or favorite places can help you decide your further dates with respect to their wishlist.

  • “Who are the special people of your life?”

Ask them about the special people of their life, and why they are special, and why they adore them.

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