Casual sex has become more common and accepted in recent years. It is the act of having sex without properly knowing each other well without having any strings attached. But like each thing comes with a set of pros and cons, sexual sex too has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Here is a list of a few pros and cons of having casual sex


1) Lower expectation

One of the pros of casual sex is that one knows they will not date the other person or might not even see them ever again, therefore you be yourself and have fun at the moment. This lowers the performance pressure as well and allows the two consenting adults to be really carefree.

2) No commitments

When you agree to have casual sex, there is no commitment to each other. Sexual sex is done with absolutely zero commitment. Therefore it tends to be less stressful as compared to being in a serious relationship.

3) Experimenting

With society progressing and accepting towards people’s sexual orientations, people can make use of casual sex to experiment and find out their sexuality without committing to anyone.


1) Safety and health

One of the drawbacks of casual sex is that there is a possibility of contracting STDs since people are sexually involved with multiple partners.

2) Confusing

The casual sex culture can make you end up being confused as to where you both stand. This happens because the relationship is undefined.

3) Difficult to find traditional relationship

In this era where everyone is into hook-ups and casual sex, it becomes difficult to find someone to have a traditional relationship with.

4) Emotions

If you are having casual sex with the same person on a regular basis, the probability that you might end up having feelings for them is quite high. If they don’t feel the same way about you, it can ruin things.

Check out the pros and cons of casual sex.

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