Valentine’s is the day to celebrate love, no matter whether it is for your parents, siblings, friends or partner. Love in all forms is beautiful and blissful. And it’s the best opportunity to celebrate and express your love and care for your loved ones. However, here, find ways you can surprise your life partner.

1) Revisit The Memory: If you want to surprise your partner, visit the same spot where you first met or went on a date. Revisiting the old memories is always amazing.

2) Indoor Surprise: If you don’t want to go outside, plan a cosy indoor surprise for your partner. Arrange their favourite food with candles all around and some romantic decorations. And a romantic movie would be like a cherry on the cake.

3) A Heartfelt Letter: If you can’t make it to celebrate the day, then writing a heartfelt letter with chocolate and your favourite flower would be best. This will make their day.

4) Beach Walk: You don’t always wish to have expensive and too many things, but sometimes, taking a long walk amidst the beautiful sunset view and cold breeze will make you feel loved and appreciated.

5) A Dinner Date: This can never go wrong. Arrange a romantic dinner date with music, lights, beautiful decorations and good food to make your partner feel bliss.