In a world full of people, sometimes individuals feel lonely even with the presence of people around them. In such scenarios, combating loneliness is important to maintain your enthusiasm and well-being. You can deal with loneliness with the help of these ways.

1) Reach Out: When you are lonely, make an effort and reach out to your loved ones, friends, or someone you feel free to talk with. Then, openly share your feelings and make yourself comfortable.

2) Social Work: If you are very alone, then you can do activities that will make you feel engaged. You can help in NGOs, beach cleaning, or any volunteer activities to indulge yourself in some other activities.

3) Explore Your Hobbies: Take up activities that you like. Whether painting, dancing, gardening, or writing, this will help you feel engaged and fight against loneliness.

4) Excercise: When you have nothing to do. Indulge yourself in healthy exercise sessions. This will help you keep yourself physically fit and keep your brain busy with work to avoid unnecessary thinking. Also, self-compassion is important.

5) Join Groups Or Clubs: You can join groups or clubs to form new connections and keep yourself engaged. Interact with like-minded people and form deep relationships to have support in your life.