There are various kinds of relationships in the world, all depend differently on love. The relationship is more about other things than just love. In some relationships, one of the people goes an extra mile for the other while the other tries to disrespect. It is obvious that you want your partner to feel loved and cared for. Because love is selfless. But you should totally know the difference between selfless love and one-sided love. There are many times when your partner fails to make you feel special but is totally into you, while there are times when they show that they are into you but they do not love you.

Here are a few signs which can help you know if you are a one-sided lover.

  • You keep apologizing

You are always the one apologizing whether it’s their mistake or yours. This is the biggest sign that your partner you not putting up to you, and that you are in a one-sided relationship. Love is all about feelings and comfort zones, if you care for your partners feelings you definitely should apologize when it is your mistake and accept it in front of them.

  • You aren’t their first priority

Priorities make a lot of difference in a relationship, if you aren’t their priority and they choose other people or their friends and leave you back, know that they aren’t truly into you.

  • They never check on you

A relationship is all about caring, a single text or a call can make your day. You feel really special and blessed to have your partner to cheer you up. But if he hardly cares to do that, or as you about your problems, it’s a sign that it’s definitely turning into a single-handed relationship.

  • They never discuss issues with you

There are hundreds of problems that arise in between relationships, no relationship is perfect, but you should have the patience to discuss it and sort things out. If your partner is trying to avoid discussion, it’s a sign they no longer care about the relationship.

  • You are always insecure about your relationship

Insecurities arouse out of doubt, if the relationship is turning into a doubtful one, you definitely are being left out as a one-sider and they no longer care about your insecurities. You look for other people’s and other friend’s validation for your relationship. You get all your signs for it, accept what’s coming and be strong and firm about it.

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