It is common for people to daydream, whether they are thinking about visiting an island or fantasizing about someone else. Fantasies are merely inactive mental representations that are seen as healthy because they are a method of stress reduction. These erotic or sexually stimulating thoughts are accepted as natural. They are thought to represent your emotional wants and desires during difficult times or when you long for something that you are not receiving in a relationship. It is preferable to communicate your needs and wants to your partner because failing to do so may result in resentment or outbursts.

People who are married feel at ease with their partner, and their fantasies about their spouse making them pleased and happy in their marriage often run wild. When a couple is married, fantasizing about their partner helps them make conscious efforts to spend time with one other. Although daydreaming about someone other than your partner is common, experts warn that overdoing it can damage relationships. Individuals who daydream about other people are often said to have open personalities and be receptive to new experiences. Your long-term partner may experience more frequent dreams about other people during a trying time, which could be harmful to your relationship. When people cease fantasizing about their partner, there is a good likelihood they won’t engage in relationship-enhancing behavior.

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