Although headaches are common, discomfort is incapacitating. To avoid headaches in the future, you must comprehend their root cause. Tension and migraine headaches are the two most prevalent forms. A tension headache occurs when the muscles in your neck and head get tense, but migraine headaches are caused by extremely sensitive nerves that finish in the brain.

The causes for headaches are;

· Sudden halt in taking caffeinated medications such as pain relievers like ibuprofen.

· Processed food that contains alcohol

· High-sweetened food and beverages

· Changes in weather

· Strong smells

. Extreme stress and anxiety

· Lack of sleep often leads to headaches

· Hunger

· Fatigue

· Alcohol

· Sudden pause on caffeine

· Suddenly discontinuing caffeinate medications such as pain relievers like acetaminophen and ibuprofen.

· Monosodium glutamate and nitrates found in cured meat are food additives that can cause migraine headaches

.All these are primary headaches experienced on a daily basis with changes in lifestyle, food, and weather.

· Bright flashing lights

· Inhaling smoke

· Women experience migraine headaches with the changes in estrogen levels

· Medical prescriptions suggested for heart conditions such as nitroglycerin can cause migraine headaches.

The secondary form of headache is a sign of an underlying condition that hurts the brain’s delicate nerves. The following are the causes:

· Nasal or sinus infection

· Blood clots in the brain

· Brain tumor

. Carbon monoxide poisoning

· Dental problems

· Hypertension

· Panic attacks

· Concussion

· Dehydration

· Coronavirus 2019

· Ear infection

· Hangovers

· Meningitis

· Overdose of pain medications

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