Unknowingly, we are making friends with stress, and this is robbing us of our tranquility. We are always lagging behind materialistic things that only bring us fleeting joy. Instead, we should pause and accept the ideas and concepts that will make our hearts bloom and give us mental tranquility. We prefer to suppress the inner voice that continuously offers suggestions for how to improve our lives, which causes us to appear to have a complicated life. We continuously bottle up our emotions in an effort to protect ourselves from the trials and tribulations that come our way, but are we actually enjoying our lives in the process? When this happens, our minds are constantly in turmoil. As a result, we must strive to simplify life’s challenges.

First and foremost, since expectations are the greatest source of disappointment, we must learn to lower them. When you understand that every situation contains the potential for good, growth, and opportunity, you can live without expectations. When your heart accepts this, you will feel secure in your ability to face any difficulty without worry or suffering, and you will ultimately find peace of mind. Be a firm believer that nothing is ever-lasting. Keep in mind that everything has an end and is replaced by something new. When you firmly hold onto such truths, your heart gets you ready for mental calm. Calculating what might happen or what will happen in the future is preferable to living each day as it comes.

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