Nowadays there is a lot of confusion between a committed relationship and a relationship. Relationships can be of different types, today’s world is full of fake feelings and many such concepts like casual relationships, live-in relationships, or time-being relationship. Staying together for a lifetime has become rare and difficult in this modern world. There is a lot of problems related to cheating and betrayal. Everyone is either being disloyal or just want to get rid of the ongoing relationship.

Everybody would love to have a relationship, a committed one, which can last forever and fall in love with someone. To stay with that one person for a lifetime is the ultimate goal.

It takes effort and willingness to bear with such situations. There are many relationships which start with casual relationship and slowly and gradually as time passes, they try to analyze the relationship they are into and decide when they want to convert it into a full time committed relationship there are various ways through which you can turn your casual relationship into a committed relationship, some of the ways are stated below-

Remove sex from the system

Make them invest in you

Make them want you more

Rules of casual dating

The perfect time to eat all your meals