Eating food may sound exceptionally straightforward in itself however it’s the basic mix-ups we have that make an enormous effect. Know that with regards to eating, the schedule of eating is the key.

How frequently do you postpone your morning breakfast or skirt your dinner after a substantial exercise? How frequently do you eat just before sleep time? Do you have long time-gaps between suppers? The best occasion to eat can be a dubious question to get the answer. Keep reading to know when or at exactly what time should you be eating: –

  • BREAKFAST – As you wake up, make sure to eat your breakfast within 30 minutes. The perfect time to have your breakfast is around 7 am. Eating your breakfast later than 10 am is not healthy. Always make sure you eat a variety of food at breakfast and mandatorily include protein-based foods in your breakfast.
  • LUNCH – If you stick to eating your breakfast early, you should eat your lunch by 12.45 pm. Your breakfast and lunch timings must differ from at least4 hours. Never push your lunch to as late as after 3 pm since that can be unhealthy.
  • DINNER – After lunch, you may have a habit of eating some snacks in the evening before dinner. In any case, have your dinner around 8 pm. You are supposed to keep a gap of 3 hours between your dinner and sleep time. Do not dine as late as after 10 pm. You should never eat just before sleeping. Eating right before sleeping can deter with quality of sleep.
  • WORKOUT MEALS – You are never supposed to work out or exercise on empty stomach, especially if it is a high-intensity weight training.  The perfect meal you can have before working out can be eggs, chicken, fish or anything else that provides you with wholesome protein.