Wonder how casual dating works?

To some people, it’s a relaxed way of dating in which you don’t have to care about anything serious and just have your try over and have sex and fun around. But not necessarily all casual dating relationships involve sex, it’s about having a good time and enjoying someone’s company, keeping all the serious things at bay. No serious future talks, no pressure for commitment, or fear of break-ups. Just casual approach towards relationship and trying out options and playing around in the fields of relationship to figure out what type of person you are most compatible with.

Here are 7 basic rules you should follow if you are planning on having a casual relationship with someone.

  • Be completely honest

Be clear about your intentions from the beginning of the relationship, tell them what you are looking for in this relationship. Make sure you know about your partner’s intention as well and make sure they aren’t looking for anything serious either. Be honest with them about everything even while breaking off.

  • Respect your date

Casual or not, you must always respect your partner and respect their feelings. Do not treat them like they are in debt from you. You both have agreed on common grounds and hence you must respect the decisions and not think otherwise.

  • Do not rely on them

Do not rely on them concerning other life decisions. You guys have signed in for casual dating and you must not be concerned about anything other than that.

  • Do not be possessive

You are not in a real relationship, to be possessive about who they are going out with or whom they talk to in social media or with whom they click pictures. You are not tied to them and you do not have to be possessive, you need to play cool with it. There is no place for possessiveness in casual relationships

  • Do not plan too far

Do not make too many plans and too early. If you want to hang out on a weekend, make plans in the week prior to it. For casual relationships it important to live in the moment, and not think about the future. You can switch between relationships really quickly in such casual relationships.

  • Do not compromise

Being in a real relationship comes with a lot of responsibilities and compromises, since you are looking for a casual relationship you need not think of compromising your time for your partner. You can do anything you want to do without thinking of them. You can come and go from your partner’s life anytime you want.

  • Be an adult about ending such relationships

If you don’t feel a spark in your casual relationship, simply talk to them and tell them about it and stop hanging out. Or you can just text them about it, it’s a casual relationship so it’s easier to break it through since hearts are not involved and to shift from one relationship to another real quick.

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