Nowadays it is important to give time for fitness. A certain amount of time needs to be given for fitness. Sometimes it happens people tend to work out for all days of the week. They are making their schedules without taking breaks. It is a bad sign or bad habit as per the fitness concern. Whenever you’re working out for fitness especially resistance training your body tissues breaks. Taking regular breaks allows your body to recover and repair the muscles.

       It is a critical part of progress regardless of the fitness level of the sport you involve in. Otherwise skipping rest days can lead to overtraining or burnout. There are many benefits of taking regular rest. It allows time for recovery. During rest time beneficial effects of exercise do take place. If you feel that rest days relate to being lazy that is not true. Rest is essential for muscle growth. Your muscles stores carbohydrates in the form of glycogen. During exercise, your body breaks down glycogen to fuel your workout. Rest gives your body time to store energy for your next workout. Rest also prevents muscle fatigue and soreness. By getting adequate sleep and adequate rest you will prevent fatigue by letting your glycogen stores full.

      There are also chances that if you avoid rest in between you might take unwanted steps while hitting the gym due to overwork. You may be less motivated to do an extra rep or run another mile. Rest increases energy and avoids the risk of fatigue. Rest prepare your body for consistent success workout. This can help you get better sleep by letting your hormones return to a normal balanced state.