Every mood imaginable has a song to match it. Songs have the power to elicit long-buried and terrible emotions in our hearts, and the list of Bollywood songs is seemingly limitless. We still feel that these songs help us weep our hearts out while also assisting us in dealing with our lives in order to help us grow as individuals and move on into a brighter future.

Here are some heart-wrenching songs that you should surely not miss out on:

1. Waqt Ki Baatein

This tranquil and soothing music will take you on an emotional journey with its well-written lyrics. The song is about time and betrayal in a relationship that takes a turn. This song by Dream Note will provide you with all the comfort and is something you must definitely listen to.

2. Kahaani

This is yet another song that you should listen to. The band ‘When Chai Met Toast’ from Kerala has released a track called “Kahaani.” “Kahaani,” a song about two lovers who were never meant to be, is one to listen to on repeat, with peaceful piano and drums in the background and vocals that break free from the usual loud filmi tunes.

3. Aziyat

The song is sung by Pratyush Dhiman. The song’s lyrics are highly relatable, and it will truly work as a healing product as if the words buried deep within your chest are finally being sung by someone in the most heart-soothing voice.

4. Gul

Anuv Jain’s new song, ‘Gul,’ features wonderful lyrics and his enthusiastic voice, which will offer you the nicest virtual hugs you’ve ever had, and the music will absolutely melt your heart. Gul is a hopeful song about falling in love, failing, and getting back up to fall in love again. But, most of all, it encourages you to believe in yourself. Anuv uses his words in such a way that you feel like you’re the main character in a movie called life.

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