Mindfulness prepares an individual to be present in the moment. Simple daily chores can be transformed into rituals while practicing mindfulness.

Here are the tips for mindfulness during shower.

1. Control your environment

Start by switching off your phones and light your bathroom with some scented candles to control your environment and make it soothing.

2. Use your senses

While you are in the bathroom taking a shower, engage all your senses. Smell the wonderful fragrance of soap and shampoo, watch as the water glides down and listen to the tune of water that sprays from the nozzle and as it hits the floor.

3. Focus on your body

Scan your body thoroughly, savour the heat of water and feel the drops on your skin. As you scrub and clean yourself, pay attention to your movements and sensations.

4. Breathe and visualise

Take time to breathe in and breathe out like you would do during a regular meditation. Savour the feel of water as it gently runs over your body. As you perform the breathing exercise, imagine your thoughts and worries gliding down the drain along with the water.

5. Express gratitude

While bathing, acknowledge how lucky you are and appreciate the warmth of the hot water. Appreciate the soap as it smoothly glides down and cleans you.

6. Conclude mindfully

After turning off the shower or getting out of the bathtub, don’t stop the meditation. Rather, as you are done with water, carefully and gently dry and pat yourself. Shower your body with soothing lotion or cream.
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