To be advanced in your profession, having a Master’s degree is essential. As a result, many people are going for the MBA program which offers a basic idea of real-world work problems and helps them improve their intellectual and rational skills.

However, there are other best alternatives for MBA and they are listed as follows:

1. Specialised Masters in Business

If you are interested in acquiring an in-depth and detailed understanding of domains like marketing, accounts, and finance then a specialized master’s program is the one for you. Plus it is advanced in career, you get to choose your mode of studying and it specializes in a particular field.

2. MSC in International Business

MSC in international business gives you a better hold on the Global Economy, International Marketing, International Finance, International Human Resource Management, and more about the working of International Trade.

3. Masters in Management (MiM)

MiM provides you wide familiarity in various areas such as Finance, Consulting, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship. You can go for this course even if you have no work experience. Also, this course is budget-friendly without GMAT being mandatory. Additionally, it has international recognition with multiple job prospects.

4. MSC in Finance

This course is of two years duration which works in giving an edge to the skilled financial undergraduates and develops them to work in a financially working setting. It gives you an opportunity to work in various insurance firms, pension funds, commercial banks, mutual funds, and auditing with a good salary.

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