Here are some signs that you might have ignored while he was busy cheating on you in the past.

1. He starts manscaping and turning buff

Grooming is good and all but doing the things he’s never done before and that too out of the blue is a sign you must have missed. Physical fitness is healthy but becoming obsessed and enthralled with his own body rather than to a committed marriage is a red flag.

2. Stopped inviting you to any work events

If you have not been invited to any gatherings and learned that other spouses were invited, it is a good sign of either cheating or flirting with infidelity.

3. He used to be angry

Has he suddenly developed a lot of anger? This could be so because he might feel guilty for cheating on but can’t man it up to be honest with you. Therefore, in order to protect himself, he blames you for his outbursts.

4. He started to drink and smoke a lot

If he had changed his normal activities by resorting to smoking, gambling, drinking or spending, it is a sign you must have missed a cheating husband.

5. He avoided you

If he stayed with you but his actions told you that he didn’t want to be with you, then it is a clear sign. Look at his actions and not his empty promises.

6. His phone password became a secret

If your husband has changed his password and refuses to put in the password for you to use his phone, well then, you had a red alert there.

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