Many couples turn to counsel, therapy, and other treatments to try and mend relationships that have already broken down; but, what if they had never reached that position in the first place?

All the proverbs we’ve heard throughout the years form the basis of relationships that endure:

1.Gives and takes

2.Having no expectations

3.Serving devotion and hard effort with equality

This advice is not intended to keep anyone in harmful conditions. Get out your list of advantages and disadvantages, weigh them, and start packing if leaving is in the cards if your spouse is vindictive, controlling, not making an equal contribution, stealing, cheating, or otherwise completely disconnected from a healthy connection with you.

1.Be close friends

This counsel may be dismissed by some, yet it has a lot of power. When the first excitement wears off and the validity of the connection is challenged, do you still have any actual interest in each other? Being sexually thrilled will cause you to see each other a lot (wink wink) frequently at first. Build a strong relationship on the frail bones that brought you together after the first romance period has worn off.

2. Share similar interests

There are a ton of other things you and your partner may be doing even if you never want to play 18 holes for half of a gorgeous sunny day. If you have no common hobbies, you will be apart more often than is good for a regular relationship.

3. Regardless of the circumstances, never lie

When you or your love partner lie about who you are, little fissures will start to appear. If you’ve been hearing stories about your significant other setting downhill skiing records the previous season but haven’t seen them actually go down the slope, something is wrong.

4. Create joint objectives

You may be putting money down for a down payment on a home, a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, or long-term health objectives. You are free to choose your own trip and whatever your desires may be.

5. Have lots of sex and try new things.

Maybe you’ll be okay with it being that way if it began out as a missionary in the dark. If you have the courage, you may even switch on the lights or into a spooning position.

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