You frequently experience what is known as “flow,” a state of mind in which you might become absorbed in the work at hand and lose sight of time and the outside world. Contrary to popular belief, work is really enjoyable, fascinating, and exhilarating. It’s a passion, not “work,” that leads to a happy existence.

What interests you deeply? This would seem like a pipe dream to you if your work is one you detest or even despise. Such a thing will never be achievable if you never make the effort to discover what you are passionate about.

1. Do You Already Enjoy Any Activities?

What are you most passionate about? Do you engage in a pastime or activity you adored as a youngster but have never thought about using it as a career option?

There is probably a method you could make money doing anything you enjoy doing, whether it’s reading comic books, collecting things, making things, or constructing.

2. Discover the topics you read about for hours at a time.

You may have a few options here, and each of them is a potential career route. Keep an open mind when discussing these issues.

3. Contemplate

If you’re wondering how to identify your passion and nothing immediately comes to mind, take a piece of paper and start making notes. There is no need for this list is ordered. It might just be a piece of paper covered in unrelated notes or even doodling.

4. Consult Others

There are probably persons in your life that you look up to and who have qualities you wish you had. If you can, approach them and ask them for advice. Find out how they got to where they are now and whether they believe they have found their passion.

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