There is nothing especially wrong with it, but far too frequently we fall short of our true aspirations in life in our pursuit of riches and worldly stuff. Here are some inspirational sayings and wise remarks from some of history’s greatest thinkers and doers that will encourage you to pursue genuine prosperity and happiness in life.

1.”In Defense of the Real Measure of Wealth In order to be wealthy, one must have few needs rather than many goods.” —Epictetus

2. “Money is merely an instrument. No, it won’t take your position as the driver; it will just transport you where you want to go. [Ayn Rand]

3. “The satisfaction of riches is found in its judicious application, not in simple ownership or extravagant spending.” Muhammad Cervantes

4. “We won’t know we can’t eat money until the last tree dies, the last river is poisoned, and the last fish is captured.” —An Indian saying

5. “One guy living in luxury and prosperity while all others suffer and sneer for it, that is the role of a jailor,” — Thomas More

6. “We live off of what we receive. By what we contribute, we form a life.” Churchill, Winston

7. “How much you’d be worth if you lost all your money is the true measure of your wealth.” —unknown

8. “A soul’s riches is measured by the depth of its feeling, and its poverty by the extent of it.” Sharilyn Kenyon

Source: Life Hack

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