Affair affects all the members of the family including children. Here are some of the effects of infidelity on children.

1. Children might feel abandoned

Even if the parents continue to stay under the same roof, it does not drive away the negative feelings that surround the house. The feeling that tops the most is abandonment. It further leads to mistrust and after a while children tend to pull away from the value of a parent.

2. It causes them to question everything

A child finds it difficult to understand what is real or fake when one parent is unfaithful. It causes them to question the stability they feel at home and hence it is important to ensure that your child feels stable and loved by both you and your partner.

3. They are more likely to cheat in future

Infidelity can affect a child’s future relationships. If the situation is not handled well then it is going to have a long term impact on the children.

4. They might be scared to be loyal to their parents

When there is infidelity, it creates one parent to be bad and the other to be good. They find it difficult to trust either of their parents, and as a result fail to show their love towards them.

5. They develop depression

Affairs tend to have a dangerous psychological effect on the child. It can even lead to a dysfunctional family. It makes the child feel less encouraged in school and turns towards depression.

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