The activities that revolve around the governed body whether it be a region, a state or a country is termed as politics.

If you are interested in politics and want to make a career in it, then here are some amazing jobs in politics for you.

1. Security specialist

The role of a security specialist is to do background checks on the people who are in contact with the campaign office and candidate.

2. Legislative assistant

They work for government officials or government agencies while looking after the existing policies and bills and also work on developing ideas for the legislation.

3. Social media manager

In the rising social media landscape there is a high demand for social media managers. They administer the public opinion of their candidate and current issues and formulate strategies to present it in a positive way.

4. Intelligence analyst

They work in the Central Intelligence Agency or the National Security Agency under the government. They examine for any potential security threats.

5. Policy analyst

They take part in research, analysis and evaluation to influence public policy and various political events.

6. Management analyst

They help various organisations in improving their efficiency and also assist them in reducing costs and boosting their profits.

7. Campaign manager

Campaign manager or the ringleader looks after the entire campaign. They work in developing new strategies, hiring new staff and budgeting. They ensure that the campaign gains overall success.

8. Lawyer

Lawyers work for various entities such as politicians, lobbying firms or in governmental agencies. In favour of their clients or governmental officials they influence policymakers and the legislators.

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