The only way sex can cause your period to be delayed is if you become pregnant. This is because you don’t get a period when you’re pregnant.

Changes in your menstrual cycle from month to month are typical. Some months, you may not have a period, or you may have a period at an unpredictable or irregular time, particularly within the first few years of starting your period. Some hormonal birth control methods, such as the shot, implant, can cause you to have fewer or no periods while using them. Extreme diets, exercise, and stress can all have an impact on your menstrual cycle.

Although sex does not directly alter the date of your period, it can affect pleasure, which generates a rise in hormones. The mechanics of sex don’t change anything, but being aroused (even if women don’t have an orgasm) causes your hormones to get all worked up, which can cause your period to be delayed momentarily. It won’t take long, so if you’re late, make sure to do a pregnancy test to be on the safe side. Sex, on the other hand, will not make your periods irregular, even though it may cause them to be delayed by up to a day.

If you have symptoms like unusual lower abdomen pain, you may have pelvic inflammatory disease and should see your doctor, who will prescribe antibiotics or other medication to help you. These infections cannot resolve on their own and might result in infertility and pelvic infections. It is essential to emphasize that infections that are not sexually transmitted can also cause pelvic inflammatory disease.

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