Excess sodium consumption is harmful to one’s health. It can lead to a variety of chronic health problems, including hypertension and heart disease.

But did you realise that too much salt can also have an impact on your sex life?

Incase case of men

Excessive salt consumption might result in high blood pressure. You are at risk of having clogged arteries and nerve damage if you have this disorder. As a result, blood flow throughout your body, especially to your pelvic area, may be reduced. Blood flow to the pelvis will be impeded if this occurs. One of the most common reasons for erectile dysfunction. To establish and maintain an erection, enough blood circulation to the penis is required. If you’re having trouble with this, have your blood pressure tested.

Incase case of women

If you are a woman, you should avoid adding an extra pinch of salt to your dinner plate as well. According to research, a high salt diet can also have a negative impact on your sexual life. Because of a reduction of blood supply to your vaginal area, you may have difficulty becoming aroused. Other problems that may arise include vaginal dryness and less frequent orgasm. As previously stated, excessive consumption of alcohol causes hypertension. This causes exhaustion and lethargy. On most days, you may be too weary for sex. As a result, your sex drive may decrease, and you may lose interest in sex entirely.

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