1. Men want you to take the initiative sometimes

Men are always happy to make the initial move, but there are times when they want to watch you take an initiative. This is because men adore seeing their women excited to have sex. This also gives them a feeling of confidence.

2. He wants to take it out of the bedroom

Men love variation, they love to keep it exciting by exploring new spots to play, such as the table, laundry space, or in the car.

3. He wants you to make eye contact with him

Yes, sometimes it is all about that emotional relationship because men expect to see how their partner is feeling and responding to what they are doing.

4. He prefers more Laughter

Humor brings the pressure off, pretty much everything. The same thing relates to sex.

Having a good laugh can increase intimacy and reduce some of the pressure.

5. He wants you to communicate

This goes two ways because he should be conveying his desires with you, too. By communicating you both can know what you both want.

6.He wants you to feel confident about what you like in bed

Being confident about what you prefer, even if you’re nervous about what somebody might think, but the best way to bind with each other in bed is don’t be ashamed that he might feel it is weird.

7. Be ready for anything that he asks for

This is one element that men truly want and love in bed. They just love it when their lady love approves of every sex move that the man makes.

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