1. Ask yourself what you want

Being together with a man who has children is never a simple thing and it isn’t for the faint of heart. Don’t feel terrible if you can’t deal with the division of attention from your partner. Take it as self-preservation. Take some moment alone to make sure if this is what you want.

2. Understand the need for sharing

If you agree that you want to maintain this relationship, you will be required to share your significant other. You need to be mindful that his children will anyways be his main priority. There will be moments when you require to share him with his kids and relying on the situation, if there is a crisis or if the mother of his children is uncertain, this sharing may become entirely one-sided.

3. Get acquainted with his parenting style

It is reasonable that he will have a parenting style with which you can disagree. If this is the possibility, know that you have no liberty to complain about his parenting style because they are his kids and not yours. If you cannot relate to his parenting style, you should walk away.

4. Be mature

Do not play manipulative mind games with your man. Do not put him in a situation where he needs to select between you or his children. A good father will not choose a potential love interest if he thinks she is acting envious or rivaling his children for his attention.

5. Be prepared to deal with multiple relations

If your connection with the father becomes strong, be prepared to have one with the child and mother as well. Even if the mother has left them or is largely away from your own life, they will still uphold a large presence in both the father and child’s minds.

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