The coronavirus pandemic has affected the world in many different ways, it has made it difficult to physical contact with people and thus has put a full stop on many social events and closed down public places. However, marriage need not stop and you can still get married by following the norms of social distancing, here are some ways to maintain social distance during the wedding.

· Cut down the guest list

The government already has permitted for only 50 guests at a wedding but it’s necessary that you actually follow the rule. In this pandemic like situation, maintaining social distance is very essential and thus it will be easier if there are fewer people. See that you call only your immediate family members and close friends and the limit should not cross the mark of 50. If your family is big, ask some of them to attend your wedding on a conference call.

· Offer wedding-themed face mask

A great way to celebrate a wedding during a pandemic is to offer a customised face mask to all the guests and make sure they don’t take it off. Masks are essential and should be worn by everyone present at the wedding for their and everybody’s safety. A customised mask will make sure that the visual doesn’t look odd and adds some creativity in your wedding celebration.

· Hold reception at a bigger space

Though you will attend only 50 guests, it’s necessary that you hold your reception in a bigger space. So that it’s possible to maintain social distance from one another. Every seat should be kept at a distance from other seats. So that people follow the norms.

· Avoid buffet-style lunch/dinner

The buffet is a great way to save money for the couple but during the coronavirus situation, it’s risky to prefer buffet-style lunch/dinner. Therefore either choose, container system or table servings. To make it more touch-free.

· Politely ask guests to stay at home if not feeling well!

It’s your duty to ask your guests to stay at home if they are not feeling well. Don’t be guilty of saying this to them because if it hadn’t been the pandemic you wouldn’t have asked them to do that. It’s important that you take care of everybody else’s safety along with yours.

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