Although the language of love is universal, the coded language of flirting is difficult to interpret. According to one of the experts, body language is an important part of communication as it is the response of the unconscious mind.

Here are 5 ways men and women use body language to flirt.

1. Holding Eye Contact

When someone is enamored by you, they just can’t take their eyes off you. Their graze will stray from your eyes, to your nose to lips.

If they are constantly gazing and holding eye contact with you with dilated pupils, then it’s a huge sign that they are interested in you.

2. Touching the Arm

Slightly grazing or touching someone’s arm is a good sign of romantic interest. It is a signal to grab your attention and make you listen to what they have to say.

People often do it because they want to build a deeper connection.

3. Leaning in During Conversations

When someone leans in while chatting, it is a sign that they are into you or are at least interested in what you are saying.

As they get closer and closer, it shows their attention and interest.

4. Accidentally Brushing Your Arm or Leg

Experts say that the accidental brushing of legs or arms is a way of reaching out and touching you.

5. Standing and Sitting Close to You

Sitting or standing way too close to someone is an obvious sign of love. People always want to be close to the things they like or love.

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