Nowadays there is a tremendous spread of insects, especially mosquitoes, which irritates us all the time. It is not necessary that all mosquito bites can be harmful but it is also not necessary that mosquito bites don’t spread diseases.

Mosquitoes can spread malaria, dengue, and many more diseases.

So you need to protect yourself from mosquitoes, but especially you need to protect your child.

Here are the ways through which you can protect your baby from mosquito bites

1. Prevent using scented products

Other than being attracted to dark and brilliant colors, mosquitoes are also captivated by a mixture of floral and fruity fragrances.

So, it is better to make sure that your baby does not wear any of the scented perfumes.

2. Keep mosquito nets prepared

Nets can be very beneficial if used well and the benefit is they have no adverse health effects. If you share the bed with your baby, you can use a huge net over it.

3. Wear long clothes

One of the most helpful means of protecting your baby is to minimize the area of uncovered skin. Select lightweight knits and cotton dresses that enable the entry of air while draping your child’s body.

4. Use the right mosquito repellent

Chemical repellents are supposed to be the most useful mosquito repellents accessible.

Most of them are useful for about two to five hours after applying them, relying on the concentration of the chemical in the commodity.

But, do not use these repellents on infants less than two months of age. For babies over two months of age, professionals approve that parent can select the lowest concentration of chemical possible.

5. Clear mosquito breeding surfaces

It’s crucial to get relieved of any places where mosquitoes develop. Mosquitoes breed in stationary water and can lay their eggs in very slight quantities of water.

Make certain that any water tanks, drums, and pails are wrapped, so the mosquitoes can’t get in them.

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