Flirting, despite its drawbacks, can be an important first step in setting up a date. Maintaining a love connection depends on it as well. Have you ever considered why girls flirt? We’ve all flirted and been flirted with.

Here are six practical reasons why women flirt:

1. Relationship-related reasons.

Flirting is motivated by a desire to change the closeness of a relationship. Many girls flirt in order to transition from a friendship to a love relationship, or from a casual dating situation to a more serious dating relationship.

2. Self-growth motive.

This motive refers to when girls flirt in order to boost or maintain their self-esteem. In other words, flirting and being flirted with can make us feel good about ourselves.

3. Experimenting.

A girl flirts to see if the person with whom she is flirting is interested in her. You could be romantically interested in someone else and flirt with them to see how they react.

4. To get things done.

Women sometimes flirt to attain a purpose when they start flirtatious communications. Maybe they are looking for someone to do them a favor, buy you a drink, or help them with home duties.

5. Sexual motives.

This motive produces flirtatious signals that are based on a physical attraction to someone and/or a desire to engage in sexual activities with that person. It is important to note, however, that flirting can occur in the absence of physical or sexual attraction.

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