There are several things you can do to get your sex life back in order, regardless of how big or tiny the issue is. Your sexual health is intertwined with your mental, social, and emotional health. Talking with your partner, living a healthy lifestyle, utilising some of the many good self-help books available, and simply enjoying life can all help you get through difficult times.

Here are 5 tips to keep your sex life evergreen

1. Stay truthful.

By feigning climax, you may think you’re shielding your partner’s needs, but you’re actually going down a dangerous path. As tough as discussing any interpersonal matter is, the complexity level goes through the roof when the issue is buried beneath years of chaos, anger, and bitterness.

2. Identify the best time to speak.

There are two types of sexual discussions: those that take place in the room and those that take place outside of the bedroom. It’s fine to tell your spouse what makes them happy when you’re getting intimate, but broader issues like misaligned sexual urges or climax issues should be discussed when you’re in a more steady state.

3. Continue to show emotional intimacy.

Kissing and snuggling are vital for sustaining an emotional or physical link, even if you’re exhausted, stressed, or unhappy about the issue.

4. Make an effort to educate oneself.

For any form of sexual problem, there are a ton of good self-help resources. Select a few materials that apply to you from the internet or your local bookshop, and utilise them to assist you and your companion become more knowledgeable about the situation.

5. Don’t criticise.

Instead of focusing on the downsides, frame ideas in encouraging thoughts, such as “I truly adore it when you delicately brush my hair a certain way.” Instead of pointing fingers, approach a sexual conflict as a problem to be tackled jointly.

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