One of the biggest challenges faced while being in a romantic relationship is having a proper conversation. Having a proper conversation is one of the single most powerful things you can maintain to have a long-lasting relationship. Men and women have different ways of living their life and expressing themselves to their partners. Women tend to share and express better than men, men on the other hand fall short in doing so.

Women are most probably straightforward and always convey what do you want, but there are certain things that women think men should know by themselves. these are the things that men should consider knowing before getting into a relationship with a woman. We all grew up believing that man really loves us and should always just know how to please us. But it is true that everyone is in search of such expectations from men that men have completely no idea of.

 So here are a few things a man should consider which might help them understand women better and help them solve their anger issues.

Girlfriends keep looking for romance

One thing men should know that women always keep looking for love and romance. They love it when you do small romantic gestures for them. Those are the things that make them go aww and enhance their love and affection towards you. Always try to do romantic things for her. Surprise her with your romantic gestures.

Ask them what they want sexually

Always keep asking them what they love and want in bed, this might help you be better at doing that and make her more satisfied and keep more sexually active with you. Keep asking what they want in bed.

Never, ever forget a birthday or anniversary

One of the most disappointing things for women is when men forget birthdays and anniversaries. It’s a human thing to forget but in such cases, there is no such option that you can choose from and you have to keep those dates in mind.

Be specific while giving a compliment

Always try to be specific when it comes to complimenting, easy compliments are not appreciated by women. You have to be specific as to what part of theirs is attractive to you.

Always listen to them

Always listen to them, women loved to be heard, they love when they are given attention and are considered. So try to be specifically a good listener.


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