One of the significant worries that parents and guardians have about their adolescent youngsters is the trouble to deal with the school-college level, carefree love affairs and how these fixations become a block in accomplishing their objectives and make an interruption in their scholarly goals also. This is very common among teenagers since they hit their puberty somewhere in this time and their hormones make them excited for all kinds of things especially the attraction towards the opposite sex. This is why parents must love their children the most during this time. If they don’t get love from their family, they are bound to find it somewhere else and somewhere being; in their friends and classmates which turns into a crush and soon an obsession.

Many of the teenagers to hinder from their academic goals, mistake infatuation with true love, mostly by watching a lot of romantic movies. Almost all the time, it is just the physical attraction towards someone that seems to be a true emotion of affection while it being just a temporary feeling for fulfilling their temptations. They go around claiming it to be true love and that it will last forever; as parents, you know better that it won’t last long and that it will only affect other important aspects of their lives. In any case, how exactly will you deliver this concern to them?

The most important thing you as parents must do is to love your children constantly as they grow up. You must understand that as teenagers, they have a million things going around in their life as they are growing every day. At this point, if they find their parents to be strict, judgemental and nosy, they will refrain from sharing any kind of information with you. So instead of trying to be the best parent, just be a best friend instead. This way, they will not be scared of sharing their day to day life with you and will be able to discuss complex things like physical changes and love affairs openly with you. Make them believe that among all of their best friends from school and college, you are the most trustworthy friend they have got. So, this is why loving your kids is crucial during their teenage!!