Five feet apart is American Romantic drama. It is written by Mikky Draughty and Tobasis Iaconis. The film is directed by Justin Baldoni. It was a fictional movie. Inspired by a character named Clarie Wineland. She suffered from cystic disorder(a genetic disorder). The lead cast in this movie was Cole Sprouse and Hayley lu Richardson both of them having this genetic disorder. They try to have a beautiful relationship despite being forced to stay six feet apart. Here are 5 things to learn from the movie:

1. Love! Don’t be scared of it.

We see in this movie that instead of not being allowed to come close, stay 6feat apart. The two lead characters developed a beautiful relationship. They were never scared to love each other. Same when applied in our lives we would do wonders.

2. I’m not going far I’ll always be here

Despite living for too long with each other. They convey to each other that they are always going to be there for each other. In their hearts. If you can not be in each other’s life be in each other’s hearts.

3. “When people ask me what love is, I answer with your name”

People should love and care for each other from their entire hearts and soul.

4. “I think you are perfect”

The actress despite having scars and disease, the actor accepts her for what she is. No matter what problems you face in your relationship, no matter what people say. you should trust your partner.

5. “Take a deep breathe and enjoy your today”

In spite of knowing that they are gonna die. Live life to the fullest and love each other to the fullest.

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