Many marriage counselors and relationship experts believe that going on dates with your spouse after marriage is a good method to keep your romance alive.

Here are some dating ideas for married couples to try out that will help to bring back the romance in their relationship.

1. Slumber party

One of the easiest and romantic dates you and your partner can try out after marriage is by throwing a two-person slumber party. Serve the meal in bed and share dessert with each.

2. Go cycling

If you have a cycle, you both can explore different routes and see where the day takes you. You can even rent cycles for a day and enjoy your little fun ride. On the way, stop for a bite or some ice cream.

3. Romantic walks

The combination of water and moonlight can be rather romantic. Take a night-time stroll along a body of water. Take a moment to look at the water’s sparkling brilliance. Spend some quality time together.

4. Road trips

Another fun-filled and romantic date idea is to take leave from work and take a road trip together. Road trips are a great way to shake up your routine and get some fresh air. Enjoy each other’s company while enjoying the pretty sunsets and mesmerizing beauty of nature.

5. Picnic

Take a picnic in the park, soak up some sun, and share your bounty on a blanket with your friends. Carry along with a picnic basket with treats like wine, cheese, and fresh fruit of the season, and various other snacks of your liking.

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