It’s not easy to express your indications when it comes to men. Most of the time they overlook signs staring them right in the face. It is particularly more infuriating when you wish to indulge in sex, and they can’t take the slightest hints.
But you can come up with some creative ways to tell him that you are up for sex.

Here are the ways to tell your partner you are up for sex

1. Dress to impress

Dress stunningly gorgeous, wear something which he loves to see you in, and something that can seduce and turn him on. This is a method for making yourself irresistible and it can surely give him some hints which he can’t ignore.

2. Lead the way to your room

If you don’t want to say anything by word then show it in action. Just grab his hand and lead him into the bedroom. It is pretty obvious that he will get the hint.

3. Whisper his name in his ear

Casually lean forward and closer to your partner’s ear and whisper some words which he would love to hear, several times in his ear. You can even repeat his name in a seductive way. This can surely give him a hint.

4. Start role playing

Be a movie actress, act like that one actress from a romantic movie you always remember, walk up to him and pull him into your world. Be a queen, if it suits you, make him feel like a king at that moment, state clearly that it is a role play somewhere down the line. And don’t be too eager to please your partner.

5. Dance at the bedside

There’s nothing more stunning than a striptease from a woman who does not do stripteases frequently. This will surely make him think that something is going on in your head and he will certainly get a hint that you are up for sex.

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