Here is the list of high paying computer science jobs:

1. Technical Support Engineer

They are also known as IT support engineers and their role is to review and troubleshoot hardware and software problems.

2. Programmer Analyst

Their duty is to design and develop computer systems and software. They also repair and update the existing programmer.

3. E-commerce Business Analyst

They analyse the business’s online retail sales data and generate online sales reports.

4. System Analyst

System analysts work in keeping the computer system of the company up-to-date.

5. Business Continuity Analyst

They ensure that the company is able to recover data and continue with their normal operations after any blackouts.

6. Software Developer

They work with IT professionals such as software engineers, graphic designers and computer programmers to create, develop and produce new computer applications.

7. Database Administrator

Their responsibility is to store, present, organise, use and analyse data and database management software.

8. UX Designer

The look and feel of a certain computer interface is created by user-experience designers.

9. IT Auditor

The information of the overall operations, controls and practices within the company are collected by the IT auditors.

10. Java Developer

They create and implement Java applications. They ensure that the website is correctly authenticating user data and understand the need to update the Java application.

11. Software Engineer

They look after the new software in a range of industries and are part of research, development, design and operational testing of the software development programs.

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