Get rid of your shame.

You can heal by learning to let go of the shame that comes with having complex relationship issues. Commercials and movies portray mothers and daughters as closest friends, which can cause shame and uncertainty for individuals who are torn between the desire for intimacy and the reality of sharp edges in their relationships. Only you are aware of the specific circumstances in your relationship. What you’ve felt and experienced is accurate. If you want to repair yourself and your relationship, it could be better to concentrate on the future rather than the past.

Break the mold.

Some women may carry on a habit of not discussing or addressing their own needs that have been passed down through generations. Understanding your own wants, concerns, traumas, and unspoken aspirations can aid in the development of healthy habits and communication. We must be cautious not to communicate in projection since this is a surefire way to miss the mark and eliminate the prospect of a deeper connection.

Remember you were your daughter’s age once

Put yourself in your daughter’s position at her age to let her in when encounters occur. Remember that your daughter, like you at her age, has to experience and establish her own relationships in order to learn to be her own person. If your daughter ‘leaves the nest,’ it’s not an expression of what you did wrong, but an indication that you did something well.

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