Do not immediately check your phone

Instagram scrolling and email reading can wait. When you grab your phone as soon as you wake up, you immediately put yourself in reactive mode. Before you’ve even gotten out of bed, this can cause you to lose focus and become stressed.

Make a clean bed

Making your bed takes around two minutes and provides you with an immediate sense of success. Plus, even if the rest of your space is a mess, it makes your place look nice and tidy.

Drink plenty of water

Many people become dehydrated after sleeping for eight hours or more and not drinking. Drinking water can make you feel better both mentally and physically, allowing you to live a healthy lifestyle. To give your step a little additional oomph, add a squeeze of lemon.

Something to eat

Even if you’re not a morning person, getting some nutrition into your system will help your brain turn on. You don’t have to have a four-course dinner, but eating something healthy can immediately improve your attitude and energy levels. Get some nourishment into your body, whatever your definition of breakfast is.

Include some self-care in your routine

Every morning, do something nice for yourself. You can stretch, do a little meditation, journal, or work on a crossword puzzle while drinking your morning coffee, even if you just have five minutes. Extend your morning routine to your commute if you have absolutely no time before you need to be at work. While stuck in traffic or on public transportation, you can listen to a podcast or phone a buddy.

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