What can I anticipate from my physician?

You may expect your doctor to listen and understand if you bring up mental health or substance abuse difficulties with him or her. Your doctor may ask you questions to help him or her better understand your problems. He or she may inquire as to whether any members of your family have experienced similar problems and if you have tried any medications or other methods to address them. Your doctor can discuss treatment choices with you. In general, talk therapy and/or drugs are used to address mental health and substance use issues. Most people can get all of their care from an outpatient practitioner or through telehealth. Treatment is effective and can help you improve all of your health problems.

What if my doctor and I disagree about the course of treatment?

Mental health and drug abuse disorders can be treated in a variety of ways, and your doctor can help you choose the correct treatment for you. You have every right as a patient to inquire about your physical and mental therapy alternatives. A one-size-fits-all strategy has never worked for any of the patients and it’s unlikely to work for you. If your doctor recommends medicine, you may be concerned about the potential side effects, as well as the effectiveness and impact on your life.

  • Before starting any form of medication, ask yourself the following questions:

• Is it possible to use therapy instead of medication?

• What are the negative consequences?

• Are there any other ways to attain the same outcome?

• What are the milestones in my treatment?

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