· Consider a comfortable stay

If you yourself have to book a hotel room, then consider taking a comfortable place to stay. You might be staying there for a week or more. Comfort is very important to make yourself feel home. It makes staying away from home and family a little easier.

· Prepare a travel kit

Prepare yourself a travel kit which contains all small-sized essentials. It should include toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shampoo. Other skincare essentials like face wash, face scrub, face mask etc. If you use makeup, carry your essential makeup products that are small in size. You must also include things that might be necessary foran emergency like medicines, torch, etc.

· Carry two bags

Always make sure to carry two bags. A big one and a small one. The big one contains all your clothes and toiletries and the small one to carry your laptop, mobile, charger, wallet etc. The small bag will be of great help when travelling in the city. You need not carry your big bag everywhere.

· Always have a power bank

Make sure to carry your Power bank fully charged. Though you’ll get a chance to charge it there incase you require it while travelling. Also, don’t forget to carry your laptop and mobile charger. which will be very essential in your entire work trip.

· Go sightseeing when free

You won’t have work the entire day, you’ll get enough time for yourself. In that time travel in the city. See all the tourist attractions around eat local food. Enjoy the nightlife, go shopping. In your free time be the tourist and travel like one. Being there for a long time you can also discover local spots which aren’t considered tourist spots.

· Include casuals in your clothes

Don’t carry only formals, including casuals and sleepwear also. You will be getting enough time to travel to the city and you won’t prefer doing it in your formals, would you? So carry your casuals, t-shirts, casual shoes etc.

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