Look for an internship in the fashion industry.

An internship is the greatest place to start. Nothing replaces real-world experience, even if you’ve studied something related to fashion. You must be completely comfortable with starting at the bottom. A fashion internship will undoubtedly complement your textbook knowledge while also allowing you to hone your talents. Furthermore, an internship might occasionally act as an extended job interview, which could lead to a permanent post.

Small ponds with big fish.`

Not everyone will be able to follow in Lauren Conrad’s footsteps. The most important thing to remember is that in this sector, there are more players than Vogue and Fashion TV. Smaller companies frequently provide opportunities to learn more, obtain more experience, and gain greater recognition. Interns are extremely important to fashion start-ups, and because these businesses are still growing and finding their feet, your contribution can be worth twice as much as it would if you were copying copies and taking coffee orders at a glossy magazine.

Be active on the internet.

When it comes to today’s fashion sector, the most crucial place to be is on the internet. Keep track of fashion platforms in your neighbourhood and overseas using search engines, blogger networks, and social media. The majority of businesses will have a link to their “jobs” page. Several websites function as career centres for the fashion sector. LinkedIn and other social media platforms are also excellent places to look for job opportunities. Make it a practice to visit these sites frequently and apply as soon as an opportunity arises.

Keep track of the skills you’ve acquired.

Even while completing monotonous chores or feeling overworked, it’s critical to maintain a good mindset in any job opportunity. Every time you learn something new or master a skill, make a note of it. Your CV will amaze you with how quickly it grows.

Determine your ideal fashion career.

Identifying my goal job (no matter how unrealistic it seemed at the time) and focusing on what I would need to know and be able to accomplish to be considered for it was one of the most productive things I’ve done. Yes, gaining that kind of expertise could take years, but it will make it easier to make career decisions and select your future steps.

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