Confront your boss about the problem

If your employer says you’re rude or unfriendly, “focus on making sure you’re communicating well,” says Cenedella. As? He proposes to contact his boss and set up a meeting to discuss the issue at hand. In this way, he plays an active role in solving the problem. Once settled at the time of the meeting, Cenedella says it’s important to get rid of personal emotions before starting a conversation.

Focus on the details of the problem

Your time has come, you are facing your boss, and now it’s time to fire him or her, right? Incorrect. Cenedella says it is important to focus solely on the details of the problem and their interpretation so that both can find a solution. “Discuss what you hear and how you react to it, but don’t go back and forth.” He suggests focusing on the most offensive parts of the conversation.

Contact your manager regularly to avoid further problems.

Both problems are public knowledge, so you can work on a solution. Cenedella indicates asking your boss what you can do to improve things so that you can save your work-to-work relationship together. From there, prioritize regular one-on-one meetings with your boss. “We meet regularly for about 30 minutes to discuss outcomes, obstacles, and long-term career development,” says Cenedella.

Get a new job

If you and your boss disagree, it may be time to look for a new job. Cenedella advises employees to start networking immediately and keep other opportunities in mind. “If you already have a job, it’s always easier to find one,” he says. If things get worse and your boss doesn’t seem to like you, Cenedella gives you some quick advice. Quit.

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