Decide Why You Should Lose Weight:

Studies show that the fastest weight loss occurs when the motive comes from the inside. Therefore, sit down and write down all your personal reasons for losing weight in detail. From getting used to old clothes, trying to avoid certain lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure, taking care of active grandchildren and beating in running races, and doing the best for the functioning of emerging families It doesn’t matter what you do.

Set short-term goals and track progress.

It is said that to succeed in life, you need to see the big picture. Obviously not in this case!! Set a final goal, but don’t focus on it completely as it only motivates you in the long run. Instead, set short-term goals and focus on achieving them one at a time. For example, set a weekly weight loss goal and plan the process to reach that goal. Make a note of how much exercise and dietary adjustments you need each day to reach this weekly goal. “Walk for 15 minutes today.” And gradually increase it to increase your weight loss.

Celebrate small achievements:

Stop struggling with yourself. Getting angry with a little disappointment can reduce your self-confidence and hinder your weight loss journey in the long run. Have you lost half a kilo in a week? Celebrate a small success by letting yourself go to the movies and travel with friends. When it comes to food, be careful not to overdo it at the celebration and regain all the weight you lost. This will only be harmful again.

Have A Food Journal:

Maintaining the Journal reinforces thinking in a positive way. You can’t postpone that series of rushes or that diet that you wanted to start but never did, because it makes you responsible. It also encourages you to perform better for yourself, without unrealistic expectations.

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