Several people across the globe are moving to the United States, and the reason is clear: the high pay for jobs. In today’s world, where expenses are increasing, we need to find ways to earn more to live life how we wish. And if you are planning to, here are some good-paying fields that can help you earn more than one crore.

1) Masters In Management: In this field, students prepare for executive positions in big companies. The average starting salary is around $150,000, which can provide client recommendations. Isn’t it a good choice?

2) Masters In Business Analytics: Business analytics is booming massively among other fields. Those with master’s degrees in business analytics can figure out trends with the help of statistical techniques and modeling. Amazing skills can help you earn six-figure salaries in the US.

3) Computer Science: This field is in highest demand. A degree in computer science is the foundation for many impressive technology roles. This can help you earn more than one crore yearly. Their skills are highly in demand.

4) Biotechnology: Different options in the technology and healthcare sector can help you earn more than one crore minimum in the US annually. So prepare yourself likewise.