· Sorry I am late

Make sure you don’t have to use this sentence on your first day. So wake up early and reach your office before time so you don’t have to be sorry.

· At my previous job

No one really cares about your previous job, so don’t talk about it. Focus on your current one. Negative complaints and comparisons are not welcomed in any organisation so don’t use them in your conversations.

· When do I get a raise?

You can’t ask on your first day about the raise. You haven’t even started working, so focus on your job rather than a payment.

· That makes no sense

You are new to the job the other person teaching you is probably more experienced and knows thing better than you do. So don’t question his views on the very first day. If you feel he doesn’t make sense still go with it.

· This is not how I learned it

Doesn’t matter how you learned to do a particular job, do as your employer says. There’s a saying “when in Rome do as the Romans do”. So forget how you learned to do it and follow the new method.

· I’m so tired

Your first day is also your first impression so don’t say you are tired. Show high amount of energy in your early days, because you are probably being watched. So never say I am tired on the very first day.

· In my opinion

Don’t give your opinions unless asked to. You should not interfere and try to be more knowledgeable on your very first day. Try to listen and absorb, interfere only when asked to. See what your employer have to say about things understand what they are saying and follow it.

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