Resigning from present employment can be a difficult decision, especially if you have worked for the company for a long period. Take the following factors into account before submitting your resignation.

1. Be certain of the new offer:

Many people resign when they hear a word that the interview they gave went well and that they have a good chance of landing a new job. However, you should not do so until you have signed a new contract with your potential company and received an offer letter. Also, don’t tell your co-workers about your resignation until you’ve accepted the second offer; it can be impossible to know what move will backfire and cause problems.

2. Compare your present and new jobs:

Before resigning, remind yourself of the positive aspects of your current position. You may then study the new job offer and be certain of why you are taking it. Even if your existing workplace is unhealthy, you should not switch to another poisonous environment. If you’re shifting jobs, the new job’s perks should match your present requirements.

3. Seek support from family and friends:

Resigning can be stressful; talk to your friends and family about the benefits and drawbacks of your decision. These folks can provide you with the necessary guidance, encouragement, and support.

4. Expect your finances:

If you are taking a career sabbatical, i.e., if you do not plan to work for a time, have at least 20%- or three months’ worth of salary in your savings account. Make sure you arrange your expenses and savings correctly if you have loans to repay.

5. Make a list of priority tasks:

Determine which projects require immediate attention, prioritize activities, and complete them as soon as possible.

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